Profiltra Pigments - PAINTS - Water-based - red
Color Index Pigment type Properties
PR2 Naphtol AS Medium red shade
PR112 Naphtol AS Medium red shade (signal red), good light- and weather fastness
PR122 Quinacridone Very clean bluish red shade, excellent fastness properties
PR146 Naphtol AS Bluish red shade, very good solvent resistance, good heat stability
PR170 Naphtol AS Medium red shade, high strength, very good solvent resistance, excellent fastness properties
PR176 Benzimidazolone Bluish red shade, heat stability up to 200 degrees centigrades
PR184 Naphtol AS Bluish red shade, good fastness properties
PR242 Disazo Condensation Yellowish red shade (scarlet), good/excellent solvent fastness, good alkali- and acid fastness
PR254 DPP Pigment Medium red shade, very good fastness properties
PR48:2 BONA, Ca Bluish red shade, process magenta (gravure), high colour strength
PR49:1 ß-Naphtol Ba Yellowish red shade, good solvent-, alkali- and acid fastness