Profiltra Pigments - PAINTS - Water-based - yellow
Color Index Pigment type Properties
PY1 Monoazo Yellow Clean midshade yellow, good lightfastness
PY3 Monoazo Yellow Greenish yellow shade, good lightfastness
PY65 Monoazo Yellow Reddish yellow shade, good lightfastness, excellent hiding power
PY74 Monoazo Yellow Greenish yellow shade, standard, opaque and transparent types, high strength
PY81 Diarylide Yellow Greenish yellow shade, good solvent- and heat resistance
PY83 Diarylide Yellow Standard reddish yellow shade, transparent, good fastness properties, good heat stability
PY110 Isoindolinone Reddish yellow shade, excellent light- and weather-fastness, highly heat stable
PY139 Isoindolinone Reddish yellow shade, very good light- and weather-fastness properties
PY150 Metal Complex Dull medium yellow shade, very good light-fastness, good heat stability
PY151 Benzimidazolone Clean greenish yellow shade, excellent fastness, all-purpose
PY154 Benzimidazolone Clean yellow shade, good solvent resistance, good light fastness, all purpose
PY170 Diarylide Yellow Very reddish yellow shade, good hiding power